A+Power battery laser welding automatic production line
    Power battery laser welding automatic production line

    Tailift is dedicated to developing both customized single machines and sets of automatic production lines for laser-welded battery modules.  
    Unlike the traditional remote laser welding model which is a single-point welding and not suitable for copper and aluminum, Tailift uses remote laser welding. Remote laser welding allows us to complete 195 welding points section by section on a single surface in less than 55 seconds. This kind of welding is fast, high quality, and very stable. With customized lamination fixtures, we make sure the manufacturing process is quick and the result is excellent. Smart sensing, automatic material deliveries, and efficient scheduling all help to downsize labor and speed up the manufacturing process. Tailift can customize manufacturing equipment for our clients. Depending on the product format, manufacturing capacity, and costs, the arrangement of modules and the design of production lines making us personalized for your needs.