Designed and built specifically for high speed machining


    • Main body casting iron adopt Meehanite Iron to ensure its high quality and long machine life.
    • Box style designed main body structure with reversed “Y” type big span vertical column to greatly enhance the rigidity and stability of machine itself.
    • Three axes adopt linear guide way having high rigidity, low noise, low friction, moving fast and to ensure its machining accuracy.
    • High accuracy ball screw and three axes of servo motor designed with direct drive and pretention to improve the transmission rigidity and machining accuracy to lower thermal expansion caused thermal deformation.
    • The weight of ram on the head of z axis to be uniformly distributed through dual rib equipped with guide screw suitable with speeding move, and move even without shaky, keep the most high accuracy.
    • Full enclosed splash guard to prevent chip and chip coolant splashing.
    Main spindle standard speed can reach 8000 rpm, with high torque of belt Transmission greatly lower noise and heat, suitable for high speed heavy cutting.
    Disk type tool magazine with cam transmission, moving speedingly, 24 tools with stable change tool movement, and double side tool change randomly.
    Ball screw on three axes adopt direct drive and pretention to highly improve rigidity and machining accuracy.


      Item Utit TLV-962
    Machining Travel X Axis mm 920
    Y Axis mm 620
    Z Axis mm 610
    Spindle Nose to Table mm 120〜150
    Working Table to Floor mm 870
    Working Table Table Size mm 1050 x 610
    T slot mm 18*5*125
    Max. Table Load kg 500
    Spindle System Spindle Speed rpm 12000
    Spindle Drieve   Direct Drive
    Spindle Taper   BT40
    Feed Rate Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z M/min 24/24/24
    Cutting Feed Rate M/min 1〜10000
    ATC Tool Magazine Capacity pcs 24(Arm Type)
    Tool Change Time( Tool to Tool) sec 1.8(Arm Type)
    Max. Tool Dia. mm 81/150   (Arm Type)
    Max. Tool Length mm 300
    Max. Tool Weight kg 8(Arm Type)
    Motor Spindle Motor (Cont.15min.Rating) kw F 7.5/11 kw
    M 7.5/11 kw
    X/Y/Z Axis Motor kw F 2.5/2.5/2.5 kw
    M 3.0/3.0/3.0 kw
    Coolant Motor kw 0.75kw
    Other Coolant Water Cabinet Capacity L 330
    Power Requirement KVA 20
    Air Pressure Requirement kg/c㎡ 6
    Machine Dimension (W*L*H) mm 2900 x 2705 x 2675
    Machine Weight kg 6800



    • Tools, tools kit
    • Working lamp
    • Pilot lamp
    • Coolant gun
    • Chip spray
    • Cutting coolant system
    • Cutting air blast
    • Spindle air blast
    • Seat flushing system
    • Auto lubrication system
    • Auto power off
    • RS-232
    • Heat exchanger
    • Spindle oil cooler
    • Arm type ATC 24 tools
    • Hinged type chip conveyor
    • Leveling adjustment pads and bolt
    • Full enclosed splash guard
    • Machine, Electricity, operation manual


    • Coolant through spindle device
    • Linear scale
    • Hydraulic system
    • Oil mist collection device
    • Rotary working table ( The 4th axis )
    • Safety door
    • Oil skimmer
    • Auto tool length measurement
    • Oil hole holder function
    • Work piece measurement system
    • Transformer
    • Full enclosed splash guard